Fine Grounds For Success

Parramatta Sun:

The winner of the Parramatta Local Business Awards Business of the Year, John Zwaine, the franchisee of Hudsons Coffee in Parramatta, said the key to his business’ success was to “always try harder”.

The coffee shop was also awarded the Most Outstanding Cafe in Parramatta.

More than 300 guests, dressed to impress, were left with a sense they had experienced a unique evening recognising the best in the business.

The support for the Local Business Awards is testament to its long-standing success in the area and the importance local businesses place on this annual event.

Mr Zwaine said he was “very proud” to have won.

“You can always do better and that is something I strive to do every day,” Mr Zwaine said.

“You can always improve on what you’re already doing customer service, how you make the coffee and asking the customers for their advice on how you can improve is always good.

“That’s why I think we did so well. And we have great staff who provide great customer service”.

Mr Zwaine bought Hudsons Coffee four years ago.

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