Camp For Our Puppies

Before she had a family, she had her fuzzy friends. Then she met the man who would become her husband and when she had her son, she decided she wanted to become a full time mom, and start up her own business; Camp Run-A-Pup Doggie Day Camp.

Wanting to make sure her day camp would be a place she’d be willing to send her own dogs, she gave her business everything she had to make it what it is today. Located in Chicago, Illinois, her business will care for your dog during a specified period of time that you need, all while making sure they get all the attention they need. In a way, redefining the definition of a kennel.

There are all kinds of moms. The traditional mom and the mom to a pet. Katybeth is a mom in both senses, and her passion successfully turned itself into a great business.

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