Are You Your Business Card?

You shake hands firmly and thrust out your business card to the other person.

When I do this, I am continually amazed about what people put in my hand. I have received cards of all shapes, colors, textures and sizes. I also have received miniature CDs, slabs of metal and micro booklets. Sometimes, these variations are interesting and appropriate, but many times, they are patently absurd.

Laura Allen of 15 Second Pitch believes that she has come up with the perfect solution. Her company prints cards that present not only your name and contact information but also your picture and a concise paragraph about what you do. It is not fancy, but according to Allen, this makes it a lot easier for the person who has your card to remember what you actually do so he or she can make an appropriate follow up with you.

John Waupsh at AdSalon thinks business cards are a very important marketing tool when you are starting out.

He believes an important rule is that they should not look like they came off your home printer with 50-pound Office Depot perforated templates. This is cheesy. He suggests for you to get them printed professionally. He recommends that one side has a matte finish so people can take notes on your card.

Photo by Unlimited Solutions, Inc..

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