Color Me Mine

Bring out the artist in you, your friends or your children. Paint-your-own-pottery studios are becoming more and more popular because it promotes creativity, family bonding and the art of having fun. Of course Mother’s Day has come and gone, but could you imagine painting a vase with a personalized message and filling it with beautiful flowers from your own garden just for Mom? Painting ceramics for a child’s birthday party or a bridal shower is also an outstanding alternative to the norm. How does it work? You simply pick out a ceramic piece that you want to decorate, sketch your original design onto your selected piece, select an underglaze, paint it however you like, and Color Me Mine with fire your finished work of art in their kiln! Don’t worry about your artistic ability, their staff is available to assist you every step of the way with tons of graphics from their design computer and templates for you to follow.

Looking for a business that would express your artistic flair? Could you picture yourself in your own studio, helping customers pick out the right piece, demonstrating painting techniques while providing a relaxing, social and fun environment for them as well? If so, an art-as-entertainment concept is for you. Color Me Mine is the leader in the contemporary ceramics industry. Each of its locations is an upscale studio offering unfinished ceramics and other craft media. Customers enter a relaxed environment, choose one of 350 unfinished pieces and spend an hour or two painting to express their own vision. This is a unique franchise that requires low start-up capital, it is fun to operate, difficult to compete against and makes a worthwhile contribution to the community. Franchises for new locations and studio conversions are available throughout the United States and abroad.

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