Mom Empowers Other Through The Well Mom

As mothers, many of us forget to take time for ourselves. Whether it is to practice a little yoga, or make sure to eat well, sometimes we end up putting ourselves last and that can really wear us down.

I recently found out about Heather Cabot through Style Cafe Moms Featured WAHM and thought she was just the right woman to profile.

Through her website, The Well Mom, Heather shares information for moms through her weekly email newsletter. From advice to encouragement, her newsletter will help inspire moms to take care of themselves. After all, no matter how hectic life may get it is important to remember to take care of you.

That’s not as inspiring as she gets, though. Along the way she was hired by Yahoo! as an Internet Lifestyle Expert. She’s a lucky mom because everything she needs to do, she’s able to do from home.

Between her website and her position with Yahoo!, she’s also inspiring to moms looking to work from home. She’s yet another success story for all of us to learn from.

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