Snack in the Box

Those with a sweet tooth anywhere in the UK or Ireland do not have to look too hard for a sweet business. Snack in the Box is a franchise that gives people two options to own a business through them. The self service box or the vending opportunity.

With each opportunity they give you the chance to provide vending to small and medium sized businesses that are unable to receive vending elsewhere. With that it can be vending machines of your own in these places, or bringing in these snacks for purchase out of your own box into these businesses.

The Self Service Box

This franchise is for the franchisee that is looking to bring their products to those work places with small staffs of between 2-20. Such places as factories, nursing homes, hospitals, banks, or local shops.

The snack boxes contain over 50 different kinds of snacks and drinks. The staff chooses what they’d like and put their money in the box. Each week the franchisee will come back to collect the money left and bring in yet another fresh box of snacks, adjusting to what is most popular among the people in that business.

This franchise costs £21,750. With it comes a few other things as well, including:

  • 265 pre-packed boxes with stock
  • Corporate clothing
  • Continued support through the ownership of the franchise
  • Stationary
  • PDA, Software, and other important accessories

Vending Machines

These are suitable for the medium sized businesses in your area with approximately 25-75 employees. These compact machines take up next to no room, and because the business it is placed in doesn’t have to pay for any form of maintenance on it, there is no reason for them to say “no”. The machine is designed to fit easily into just about any business.

This franchise package starts at £37,840, but the price depends on the starting package you’re looking to purchase. Some of the things included in the average starter pack include:

  • 75 machines
  • 1 weeks of training at the Head Office
  • Continued support throughout the ownership of the franchise
  • A min. of 50 machines placed by SITB

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