Wheel Fun Rentals

Using strange vehicles that are fun for the whole family, Wheel Fun Rentals is a franchise which offers people the chance to get in on the fun. These would be a great option for areas that create a large amount of tourism. Especially family-friendly tourist areas.

Wheel Fun gives people the chance to rent a uniquely styled vehicle which can be cycled around. The franchisee is given a fully developed system, a great location that has been investigated to check for effectiveness and a large territory that is exclusive to you.

Some of the other benefits they boast about with their franchise includes training that continues on through the life of the franchise agreement. Any questions will be answered and one-week training session before opening is also included.

Through the franchise comes special partnerships with companies such as Schwinn, Future Beach Boats, Dazon Scooters and some others. That means the ability to receive special financing terms and discounts on your ‘vehicles’ will make it easier to stock up your new business.

The minimum investment in this opportunity is $75,000 and it’s available in all states of the US. If financing will be a problem, third party financing assistance is allowed.

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