Changing Your Web Working Niche


Whether you want to take your web working career into a different direction or you simply want a refreshing distraction from your regular web work, it’s likely that you’ll consider changing your niche market at least once in your career.

What are the consequences of changing your niche? Is that even advisable? Also, how do you go about it?

The first thing you need to do is to understand how this affects your personal brand. If you’ve already established yourself in a particular niche, shifting to another one, whether completely or temporarily, might be confusing.

It’s similar to having such a wide variety of jobs across several industries on your resume – from food service to law enforcement to art to dental hygienist. You risk looking unfocused or spreading yourself too thin.

However, if you want to be a known expert in one thing, establishing your expertise publicly may prove to be difficult if people see you working on several niches at once. But there are some workarounds:

    1. Be clear about the niche or field you’re prioritizing in.

    2. Have different “storefronts”.

    3. Find an intersection between your current niche to
    the one you want to shift to.

    4. Know your respective audiences.

    5. Realize that you’re virtually a beginner.

Shifting to a different niche can be a welcome change in your career. But, like most major decisions, you’ll have to educate yourself and plan for the changes you’ll be making.

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