The Mail Box Stores Trumps Over Post Office

Post offices are becoming less and less popular options for sending packages. Now people tend to consider other special shipping stores which offer extra services that the post office doesn’t offer. The Mail Box Stores is a business opportunity for those that want to get in on the money that can be made from customers who prefer that over the long post office lines.

The most attractive part of owning one of their businesses is the fact it’s not a franchise. You get to use their name and logo for a stable brand behind your business, but you don’t have to pay any royalties or fees. This is truly a business that is completely owned by the person who starts it.

There is a very large list of things that come with this business. With the investment comes pretty much everything thenew owner would need. Much of it includes:

  • Personal Mail Box Units
  • High Speed Color B/W Copier
  • Color Printer
  • Rental Computer and Workstation
  • Passport and ID Photo Camera
  • Laminating Equipment with Supplies
  • Key Cutting Machine and Accessories
  • Retail Office Supplies Inventory
  • Business Envelopes (which include the business address printed on them)
  • Site Location Assistance
  • and much more.

Some of the more important things that come with this opportunity is the long-term support that the new owner will receive. They also have complete control over the decisions that regard the new store including location, the layout, merchandise and even the timing of opening.

For $83,900 they will give everything I’ve mentioned and more. They literally build the business, and all the potential owner has left to find would be a location and paying for it. For those that still need more help on how to take on this business opportunity, training is included.

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