Eco-Friendly Auto “Spa” Concept Expands Nationally Through Franchising

DetailXPerts emerged in 2006 from Detroit, a city well known for cars. It’s also a city known for road and weather conditions that aren’t exactly friendly to vehicles. Grime, dust, salt, rain and snow all contribute to that new car finish fading and aging well before its time. One man’s dream–and a pretty savvy 8-year-old–have completely changed the way we may be caring for our vehicles. Now, aspiring entrepreneurs can share this dream by owning a DetailXPerts franchise.

This patent-pending steam cleaning and detailing business is the brainchild of Emmanuel Williams, an engineer and admittedly, a steam-cleaning fanatic. “The ultimate green spa for your vehicle” idea was born after his then 8-year-old son suggested cleaning cars with steam, something Williams had been using for other cleaning applications for many years.

“It made perfect sense to me,” Williams commented. “The more I thought about using steam to clean vehicle exteriors, the more excited I got. There was no down side. Using traditional soap and water, or cleaning solutions is harsh on a car’s finish and car washes, with high-powered brushes and sprays are much too abrasive. If you are concerned about the environment, and I am, steam cleaning has another upside as it does not require the use of special chemical solutions and uses very little water.”

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