Niche Biz: Chocolate Replicas

Daily Mail Reporter:

It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything – an edible replica of their home.

But at £2,000 each they’ll set you back a bit more than your average box of chocolates.

The intricate creations are being snapped up by the rich and famous with Prince Charles, Sting and Nicolas Cage among those who have commissioned carvings.

The replicas made by Father and daughter chocolatiers Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton , measure around 20cm x 10cm and take three weeks to make using intricate moulds.

The pair spent five years perfecting their technique for making the ‘edible architecture’, which has also been used to recreate British landmarks.

Giant machines spin gallons of different flavoured dark, milk, white and red chocolate which are poured into the moulds.

Extra pieces are then intricately hand-carved for different parts of the building.

The luxury treat business has boomed – now making 200 different products – and they now plan to expand into a factory four times the size including a chocolate cafe.

Photo by Kerr Dunlop.

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