Cut Startup Operating Costs


Clever founders always eke the most out of every buck. But economic conditions being what they are, even the best bootstrappers could use a little extra help.

1. Phone Service/Wireless Plans
Carriers make it hard to do head-to-head comparisons of their plans. will help you find the cheapest plan for your immediate needs, and then monitor your usage pattern over time to continue to match your needs to the carriers’ constantly changing service offerings.

2. Credit Cards
Many founders bootstrap their operations in the early days using credit cards. There is nothing wrong with this, so long as you do lots of research up front and remain extremely vigilant about managing your accounts. Credit does a nice job of winnowing down and showcasing the many different small business credit-card offers out there.

3. Insurance Plans
Most offers you custom quotes for all kinds of insurance, including health plans, liability policies, even directors’ and officers’ liability coverage. See the left column of various listings, go to Group Health Insurance and in the search field use the tab for Professional Scientific and Technical Services.

4. Web Hosting
We found this category to be particularly tricky as there are so many different kinds of hosting (shared, dedicated, co-location, etc.). One choice is, an independent site that, despite a cluttered home page, has a simple field where you can enter your parameters and get a quote.

5. Storage and Remote Backup
Founders tells us this is even harder to source than hosting, but we suggest you try

For ten more cost cutters, go here.

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