Jaxon Marketing is a marketing consultant that executes marketing ideas into action. Everybody has plenty of creative ideas in their mind but it is not easy to turn them into reality in mainstream life. Jaxon Marketing helps customers implement these ideas with the required resources and skill sets.

As marketing is becoming a prime factor in this competitive world, Jaxon Marketing offers a complete marketing consultant service. Jaxon Marketing focuses on improving marketing strategies and concentrates on the effective and consistent implementation of those strategies.

Jaxon Marketing specialises in franchise and wholesale marketing in the Australian commercial sectors. Consultants from Jaxon Marketing have expertise in product sales and manufacturing industries. With seven years of experience in the field of franchise marketing, Jaxon Marketing helps new franchisors achieve success in their businesses.

Jaxon Marketing assists new franchisors in planning and executing marketing techniques and trains them on in-house business tactics. Jaxon Marketing concentrates on the key areas of brand positioning and directing the business to its targeted customers. Jaxon Marketing also provides guidelines on exploring brand clutter due to various difficulties in a business.

Logo from Jaxon.

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on August 1, 2008 in Franchise Site.


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