Consulting For Mompreneurs and Work-At-Home Opportunities For Moms

There are so many ways that women can work from home. They can start a business and in turn become what we call ‘Mompreneurs’ or they can take on a position or job that allows them to work from home, making them ‘Work-At-Home Moms’. Then every so often there is something that comes along and puts it all together.

Hybrid Mom Consulting is a place where mom-owned businesses can find the help and talent they need to assist in the growth of their business. Mompreneurs join as members and pay a $95 annual fee which includes a variety of different features. Many of the services are offered at rates that can easily compete with other options out there.

Then there are the professional women who leave the business world to take care of their families. They are welcome to join on as Consultants. Of course there is an application process, but if brought in these women are able to work from their own homes, using their own schedules, to make a little extra money helping mom-owned businesses through a variety of services. Your professional specialty would become your work at home specialty. That is something that many businesses can benefit from.

In the end, they are moms helping other moms. That, to me, sounds like the ultimate Mom-portunity.

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