Firehouse Subs

If you’re in the market for a franchise that offers good food, and in some way dedicates itself to some honorable people, Firehouse Subs is not something to over look. Founded by 2 brothers who have not only been firefighters, but have a family history that goes back in that noble profession, Firehouse Subs is a business which definitely stands out from the crowd.

It may have taken Chris and Robin a long time to come up with the exact formula for their business, but they’ve packaged it so people with a passion for this kind of restaurant can start up a business with all the leg work done for them in advance.

At this point in time they are looking for franchisee’s in 24 states, some of which includes Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Texas and even Washington DC. They are currently available in 14 states at this time.

Their franchising system includes 2 different players. The first one being Area Representatives which buy the right to serve a specific Territory, as well as opening the first restaurant in the area. Franchisees work with their local Area Representative to get their own businesses started. Although a franchisee does not need direct restaurant experience, an Area Representative does.

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