Glass Doctor

Experienced professionals in the glass business with an itch to start up their own business just might find what they are looking for with Glass Doctor and their franchise opportunity. It has been over 30 years since they started in the business, and they have been working with entrepreneurs as well as current glass professionals to help build successful glass businesses.

There are many benefits that come with the franchise, some traditional and some not so much. Of course you will have the benefit of a brand to stand behind your service, and a plan that has been proven successful. They also give their franchisees all the tools and tips they will need to make their business run successfully, advice on how to recruit and keep on the best employees possible to help. The most attractive feature is there training and on-going support system.

Once you join their business as a franchisee you will attend a training course that will help get you started. As part of this initial training you will be attending a one-week course in a classroom within their world headquarters.

After your business has been started, they will continue to support you through each step as you grow. You will have a regional director that you can call at any time, and will visit through your area, to advise you as needed.

So what is the next step? If you want to look further into starting a franchise with Glass Doctor, you can do so from their website. They offer a printable form as well as a web form to apply for more information.

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