Be A Real Estate Bird Dog

College Startup:

Bird dogging real estate has been around for awhile now, but with the recent mortgage, forcelosure, and housing mess, it could be present an even better opportunity to those looking to make a bit of money in the real estate arena.

Here’s an overview of how college students with some analytical skills, patience, and networking skills can make some money bird dogging real estate.

What is Bird dogging? A dog is a man’s best friend, and a bird dog is a real estate investor’s best friend. Simply, a bird dog researches properties for sale or foreclosure and presents the best opportunities and qualified deals back to the real estate investor for a fee – either fixed or percentage.

Real estate investing is a great vehicle to make a passive income, and by learning the ropes as a bird dog you can learn a lot, make some good money, and spring board your way into the real estate investing circle.

There is surely a lot more to bird dogging than what is in this post since this was just a simple overview, do some more research, network with a couple real estate investors, and get to bird dogging in this buyer’s market.

Photo by duchesssa.

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