When a fire happens it can cost quite a bit of money to fix and replace everything that has been damaged. No-Burn offers something that can help prevent that from happening in the first place! By building your home with a fire retardant that can protect the wood used to build your home, treat your furniture, carpets and curtains as well; if a fire occurs it would cause much less damage and will be able to become controlled much sooner than an untreated home.

If you feel passionate enough about the product, you might also enjoy their No-Burn Dealer opportunity. Unlike franchises, there is no franchisee fee to pay nor are there any royalty payments. As a dealer you can take on your own business opportunity dreams without someone telling you what to do. There is, however, a license fee. There are no additional payments after that, beyond the minimum purchases needed.

No-Burn separates areas into territories in a way that allows dealers to be able to sell without competition from other dealers in your area.

As a System One Dealer, you would be able to receive quite a few benefits, including the already mentioned protected territory, as well as:

  • 5-gal Pump For No-Burn Pail
  • Ten 5-gal Pails of Wood Gard
  • Five 5-gal Pails of Fabric Fire Gard
  • Two 5-gal Pails of No-Burn Plus
  • 5-gal Pail of No-Burn Original
  • Three 5-gal Pails of Wood Gard Mih
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead
  • Three No-Burn T-Shirts
  • and the list goes on.

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