Fresh Gear

If you’ve ever opened the gym bag of someone who does a lot of sports, you are probably familiar with the smell that comes out. From all the use the gear piled in there gets, it’s very important to make sure everything gets cleaned and sanitized as that gear needs to be.

For less than $14,000 a potential entrepreneur can take on the opportunity to start up their own Fresh Gear business in their local area. Depending on the amount of sports associations and schools are in your area, the potential for your business can be huge.

With the purchase of the Fresh Gear C40 you will also receive just about everything you could possibly need to get started with your own business. There are 3 categories it falls under. They are:


From the business document essentials such as business cards and location agreements to a web locator page that will include your important information, it is included in the start-up portion of the package.

On-going Support

Your assistance doesn’t stop after the launch of your business. You will continue to receive the answers to your questions after you’ve gotten started, as well as some of the resources you’ll need as well.

National Marketing and Advertising

They will cover your advertising needs. From online classified to tradeshows. They also help with SEO and online ads.

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