Pizza Fusion Adopts Organic Restaurant Certification


Pizza Fusion recently announced their pursuit of independent, third-party organic restaurant certification for all their restaurants upon receiving certification at their Fort Lauderdale, Florida location.

Quality Assurance International (QAI), the third-party certifier conducting Pizza Fusion’s certifications, verifies the strict standards set forth by the USDA’s National Organic Program via on-site inspections to validate the use of organic ingredients and menu selections with consistency and integrity in the certification process. To date, Pizza Fusion Fort Lauderdale is one of only four restaurants in the U.S. to receive Organic Restaurant Certification.

“The Organic Trade Association sees this move as exciting news. Organic certification is a big step for foodservice operations and helps meet increasing consumer interest in accessing certified organic products where they shop and where they eat,” says David Gagnon, interim executive director for the Organic Trade Association.

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