Brings A New Edge To The Travel Biz

If you were to think about what business is one of the biggest money-makers out there, what would come to your mind? Out of all the options available, travel is bound to be one of the top things you’d think of. There are people all over interested in traveling to one place or another. There is plenty of money to be made, as long as the opportunity is legit.

At, Joe Carpenter has opened up a way for entrepreneurs to take a step into this business with the help of a team and a business that offers a successful background. There is no need to worry about the cost of gas or a demanding boss. The only boss you’ll need to worry about is your personal determination.

What is is an exciting home based business opportunity for those
looking to create a full or secondary income on a part-time basis. consists of a team of successful home business entrepreneurs who help others achieve success at home in the exciting and ever-growing travel industry.

How long have you been offering this business opportunity to others?

I have been working in home based business specifically for six years now but I have been working specifically in the travel segment since January 2008. Having worked in other home business segments, I was particularly excited about the travel industry opportunity and the amazing potential for growth and success it has.

Why do you feel the travel industry is a good area to enter into when considering a home business?

For one, travel is the largest industry on the planet totaling $7 trillion in sales in 2007. Coupled with the fact that more people booked travel online than offline in 2007 and that Baby Boomers have started retiring at a rate of 1 every 8 seconds, the opportunity is a no-brainer. One thing we have learned through history is that successful entrepreneurs follow trends, when you intersect the three major trends of online travel booking, home based business and Baby Boomers you have the recipe for a very successful business.

What separates this opportunity from others in the same category?

Most home-based business are selling tangible products such as lotions, vitamins and health foods that business owners have to store and keep inventory on. What is amazing about this opportunity is that you do not have to keep any inventory, the billions of dollars in inventory we offer lives in cyberspace, this creates a truly turn-key, paperless business. When someone joins our team or
books travel through our websites we are notified by email of the transaction, it is literally a self-maintained hands-off business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are some of the benefits that someone receives when they join

Benefits of joining are that individuals get the opportunity to partner with a publicly traded company, get to earn 60% commissions on all travel booked through their website, the opportunity to work with a team who helps coach you and build your business, an amazing marketing site to help you promote your business to others, a very profitable compensation plan, bonuses, health and life insurance, stock options and much more for those who qualify.

Joining also gives individuals the numerous tax advantages that comes with owning a home based business. Most financial experts now say that everyone should own a home based business so that they can realize the tax benefits, particularly in a down economy.

How long does it generally take someone to start building their business once they join this opportunity and what are some of the requirements? How much does it cost?

Because we are selling a virtual product in travel, someone who joins can literally have their business up in 10 minutes or less and begin sending friends and family to their state-of-the-art online travel booking engine. I have members on my team who literally made thousands of dollars in their first week.

The only requirement for this business is that you stay plugged in with your team so they can assist you and help you grow your business. Our team has weekly meeting, conference calls and webinars to assist in running your business. The business truly works if you are plugged in and willing to be coached.

What have you learned from this?

I have learned that in all my years working with various home based businesses, this opportunity has helped me realize income potential much faster than others I have been involved with and the compensation plan for those just starting out is the same as the top income earners in the company. Probably the biggest lesson I have learned is that having a home based business does not have to be hard, in fact it can be extremely fun selling something that everyone is interested in,

What are some of your long term goals?

Through this business I hope to coach others and help build success stories for everyone on my team. Ultimately my long term goal is to spend more time with my family and friends, make a great income working from home and help others on my team do the same.

Out of all the forms of advertising available, what form has worked the best for bringing in customers?

I have several different traditional and non-traditional advertising strategies ranging from billboards to search engine marketing. Ultimately what has performed the best for me is plugging in to the various social networks and communities online and meeting like-minded individuals who are looking for the same thing I was. It is great to meet someone and help them realize their personal and financial goals, there is a great deal of pride in my team’s ability to do that. I would say that a good combination of social networking, weekly meetings and online webinars have helped me achieve the best level of success thus far.

What kind of advice do you have for those currently looking for an at-home opportunity to join?

Find something that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about something then you are going to talk about it. For me it is travel. If you think about it, when you ask most anyone what they would like to do if they had more time and more money they are going to say travel. My job basically consist of telling others how they can save money on the travel they were going to do anyways. When it comes to travel it basically sells itself, I just point people to my website and get paid to do it, I can’t imagine an easier or better job than that!

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