The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur


Mike Michalowicz knows business, and he knows aspiring entrepreneurs need a hard-core reality check if they’re ever going to get off their duff and start one. Founder of three multi-million dollar businesses, Michalowicz lets readers in on his proven “TPing” entrepreneurial strategies in his new book, “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.”

“The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” pulls no punches, busting through commonly held beliefs about business that slow budding entrepreneurs down – or stop them cold in their tracks. In his book Michalowicz explains why a business plan is a total waste of time, how to exploit your super strengths and outsource everything else, and how to launch and grow your business on a beer and pizza budget.

“I’m all about the underdogs, the ‘Toilet Paper Entrepreneurs’ who figure out how to get down to business even if they’re on the last three sheets of their roll,” says Michalowicz, who regularly speaks to young entrepreneurs at Babson College, Harvard, and other colleges all over the country. “My book is for people who have more ingenuity than money, more heart than know-how, and more passion than experience.”

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