Night Helper Looks For Prototype Investment Assistance

There are two very important aspects to starting a business: money and motivation. You may have only one, but your idea is nothing without the other.

Night Helper is a watch designed by a Lisa Charleston, and her husband. Lisa is not just a mom but also a grandmother and a health care worker. She’s doing everything she can to try to get her product out there and her business jump started. They are currently in the process of working towards getting the prototypes built, but the money just isn’t there, yet.

Just like any watch, this potty/medication watch can be worn on your wrist and has an alarm you can set. Unlike other watches, though, this watch can be set for multiple times. Not just one time, but many times. The goal is that this will help alert you if you need to be reminded a couple times a night to get up and go to the bathroom or you take medicines multiple times a day.

The product is an amazing idea, even if it hasn’t quite made it “there” yet. Thankfully she does have the motivation and with enough time she will have enough of the other M – money! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the day when this product does finally make it to market.

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