8 Skills They Didn’t Teach You In School


Lately, I’ve been simultaneously using less and less of what I learned in school while discovering more and more skills that are vital to success which were never even offered in school!

So what are the top skills that should be taught to every man, woman, and child who enters our education system?

– How to make people like you and network
– How to speed read and the power of audio books
– How to set goals and manage time
– How to read a financial statement
– How to negotiate and not get taken advantage of
– How to save and invest
– How to be successful in life
– How to spread an idea and basic marketing

Until the school system comes around, I suppose its up to each of us to take care of our own education. That means reading, finding mentors, audio books, going to conferences, and of course blogs are a great resource.

Photo by tutu55.

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