Gorgeous Garage

If your garage is anything like most of the other garages in America, then I would almost bet it’s a mess. Maybe it’s so unorganized that you can’t even fit your car in it. That’s a part of life. Things get collected and put away leaving it to just build up over time until you don’t know what is where anymore.

When faced with this problem, one man decided to take this venture to clean up his garage on to another level. Jared went to work and ended up designing, building and installing what would eventually be the first prototype for Gorgeous Garage.

Through a collection of dealers Gorgeous Garage is able to sell all of their products to a variety of people in different locations. Although Gorgeous Garage doesn’t offer a whole lot of public information about the opportunity on their website, they do have a form which can be filled out by potential dealers for more information. Without many customized options on the market, Gorgeous Garage definitely opens up a whole area that has yet to be fully explored.

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