Mailbox Does More Than Hold Letters


If you watched Chet Brannon get his mail at his home in Simpsonville, you’d never know there was anything special about his mailbox.

But it’s mostly unlike any mailbox you have ever seen.

“This is called the Home Emergency Lamp Post,” said Brannon standing next to his mailbox. “The acronym is HELP so it’s easy to remember.”

It’s powered by a control box that is plugged in inside a garage or home.

If someone needs help, they just press a remote button and then the mailbox goes off like a car alarm on steroids. It’s equipped with a flashing strobe light on top and a 120-decibel siren.

“It alerts your neighbors that you need help so you can get immediate assistance,” said Brannon. “Also, it directs EMS directly to you so there’s no more riding by looking for the correct home anymore.”

Brannon is marketing the mailbox to homeowners and developers.

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