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A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my sister in Oklahoma City. We were transferring her massive amount of books from bookshelves in one room to bookshelves in another room. One cookbook that was in her collection was from The Pampered Chef, called Delightful Desserts.

Thumbing through the book I found recipe after recipe after recipe that I wanted to try! The book was full of impressive desserts that were simple in preparation and fun, everyday type desserts that little ones could help put together. I was impressed and a little bummed that I did not have one of these cookbooks to call my own.
That evening, I made a recipe from the cookbook. Cream Puff Squares tasted just like a real cream puff, only in bar form. Delicious!

If you are looking for a cookbook that features delicious recipes sure to impress, then pick up a copy of Delightful Desserts today. It is well worth adding to your collection!

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on August 29, 2008 in MLM Site.


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