ScrapBiz Helps Women Get Into The Scrapbook Business

When you’re looking for a way to preserve your memories there are more than enough options to choose from, the real trick is finding the one you like most. Scrapbooking is one of the more popular forms of preserving memories that is available. Of course, not everyone is into the traditional form which is why businesses and websites like ScrapBiz are expanding to include information on newer forms of this popular past time.

Kim Guymon, the owner of ScrapBiz, has stayed on top of the changes in the industry with their new PhotoBook Biz program. Women that have signed up through her website for assistance getting started in the business of selling scrapbook supplies now have access to a software which opens up the potential for business even wider than ever before.

This is not a network marketing opportunity like so many other opportunities out there. ScrapBiz just gives their members the tools they need and advice on what to do. The members take that and do with it what they need to build a business, making their profits their own. No big business above them taking that away.

What is ScrapBiz? How long has it been since your launch?

ScrapBiz is a business support and information network for small, mostly home-based retailers and manufacturers in the Scrapbook industry. We’re like a small business incubator of sorts. We have been in business 6 years in September.

Why did you decide to start ScrapBiz? What was your inspiration behind it?

I was a consultant with a multi-level direct sales company in the industry and found it constraining and frustrating. I was at their mercy for everything and they did a really bad job at distributing products and information – not to mention I was making very little on what I COULD get from them to resell. So, having an entrepreneurial background, I decided to poke around the industry and see if I could find my own suppliers. The trick was finding suppliers who didn’t have a bias against home-based businesses – which had a reputation for being deep discounters at the time. I managed to convince a distributor that I wouldn’t sell their products below the MSRP and they took a chance on me. Once others at my former company found out I had been successful, they started emailing me for information on how THEY could do the same and from that, ScrapBiz was born. Necessity was truly the mother of invention!

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