Weston Mom Launches Book Site


Liz Waltzman of Weston has launched Bibliotechies.com, a new online book recommendation site for children, young adults, and their parents.

Bibliotechies has partnered with Amazon, which will provide direct link and purchase options to age and interest-specific book suggestions throughout the site.

Bibliotechies, geared toward a broad range of young readers (Infants to 15), provides book suggestions and reading tips for any reading level. It features picture books, chapter books and books to interest even the most reluctant readers.

The “All Grown Up” list offers suggestions for adults and includes crossover titles which are books that are recommended for both adults and young adults.

Bibliotechies also offers a personalized reading list service. For a small fee, users may e-mail answers to a brief series of questions about the reader’s personality and interests that will be considered as Ms. Waltzman develops a personalized list of at least seven titles the reader is likely to love.

“It is my goal, through Bibliotechies.com, to connect children and young adults with books that will inspire a lifetime love of reading,” Ms. Waltzman said. “I have learned through my own experiences as both a librarian and a mother that encouraging children to read means teaching them to love a good story. In this day and age, there are so many choices for kids. Bibliotechies.com can help ensure kids will want to choose reading as a way to spend their time.”

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