Sweet Peppers Deli Announces Newest Franchise In Gulfport

Market Watch:

As Gustav leaves the Gulf Coast in much better condition than initially expected, Sweet Peppers Deli is proud to announce that its newest set of franchisees, David and Joyce Cadwallader, plan to open their first location of Sweet Peppers Deli in Gulfport, Mississippi. The new location will be in Arcadian Plaza Shopping Center on Highway 49. David and Joyce have become familiar faces in the restaurant industry of Gulfport, as David has held the prestigious position of General Manager at the Great Southern Club in Gulfport. Over the past seven years he has been credited with much of the success the Great Southern has achieved both financially and on the service side of the operation including helping return it to pre-Katrina success levels.

Originally from England, the Cadwalladers became permanent US residents approximately eight years ago. David was then recruited by the Mississippi Management Dining Systems, Inc. where he began his tenure with the Great Southern Club. With an opening date set towards the end of 2008 the Cadwalladers and the partners of Sweet Peppers Deli intend to build on the dynamic success the company has experienced. “We are hands on type managers,” stated the Cadwalladers, “and we are excited about the opportunity to help develop the Sweet Peppers Deli concept here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This community has been through so much in the past few years and we are happy to help with the revitalization of this area as it returns to its pre-Katrina state.”

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