Honest-1 Auto Care

When someone is looking for a car repair shop, they are looking for a place which will be honest about the repair needs on the vehicle and will offer the repairs at the lowest cost possible. So, how about a business with the word ‘honest’ in their name? Honest-1 Auto Care is committed to giving their customers the best support, honestly and value possible.

Honest-1 is also eco-friendly auto care. They have special initiatives and strategies in place that covers not only their business at the corporate level but also at the center level. In a business that is known for pollution and other messes that are vehicle specific, they are taking steps to turn things around. These eco-friendly actions are broken down into 4 main categories that includes:

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Recycling
  • Resource Conservation
  • Offering and Promoting ECO-Friendly Auto Careâ„¢

The Honest-1 franchise opportunity has many different levels that will open this opportunity for a variety of different investment options. Starting with a simple conversion for those that already run their own car repair business to those with no experience. There are also master franchise opportunities available for the right person. Anyone interested in a franchise needs at least $100,000 to invest although the total investment can reach as much as $296,000.

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