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What do most people look for when they look to start a business? Usually that is a well-known brand, low overhead costs and profitability. While many franchises cover one or two of those areas, how many do you know that fit into all three categories?

Believe it, or not, H&R Block is one of those franchises. Since taxes tend to be one of those things that almost no one can figure out, it’s definitely an area that has a lot of promise. The brand is also something that can be recognized nationally and the overhead costs aren’t nearly as high as other franchises within this category because there is no initial fee outside of their refundable $2,500 security deposit to worry about.

Of course no business is completely free. With an H&R franchise you still have to find office space to rent or purchase among other important supplies. However, you are relieved of that franchise fee that traditional franchises place upon their potential franchisees. Another option they have available is the ability to purchase an existing franchisee. Those interested in taking that route can get financing through their Franchise Equity Line of Credit (FELC) program.

Just because there is no franchise fee does not mean they will not offer support once your new business has opened its doors. They will continually help support you through marketing, communications and technology. They want you to succeed just as much as you do.

The training and technology is everything that a franchisee could need to get off on the right foot. Over 2 million people have gone through their tax professional training program since 1965, when it launched. The training continues through their income tax course, seminars and other national operations meetings they hold.

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