Sometimes the best way to find out if a network marketing opportunity is really worth a look, is by talking to some of their consultants.

If you’ve heard of Jockey, then maybe you have heard of their Jockey Person To Person direct sales opportunity. Tammy Copeland is an Independent Comfort Specialist and definitely knows the potential the opportunity can hold.

I got a chance to ask Tammy a few questions about this opportunity and to find out more about what it takes to succeed within this business.

What is Jockey Person To Person and how long have you been an Independent Comfort Specialist?

Jockey Person to Person is the direct sales division of Jockey International. I have been a Comfort Specialist for 3 years.

How much time in the average week is spent ‘working’? What are some of your tips and tricks to being a successful Comfort Specialist?

I spend about 10 hours a week between my home parties and paperwork. There are really no tricks to being a successful Comfort Specialist, you have to enjoy and believe in the product and always offer the opportunity to join the business.

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Originally posted by Angela Shupe on September 10, 2008 in Interviews.


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