infolocal Brings Businesses And Consumers Together With Their Kiosk

Just when you think that you’ve seen every form of advertising available, out comes a whole new way to get the word out about your business. infolocal has created a kiosk which brings advertisers and customers together in a way which proves to be highly effective.

That is definitely not all there is to know about this amazing new business. I got an opportunity to ask Trevor Ockenden, Director for infolocal, a few questions about the kiosk and how it works.

What do infolocal kiosks do? How does someone use it?

Provide an attractive, affordable advertising medium. An infolocal Kiosk appears at first to be simply an array if LCD screens with advertisements or other information displayed along with one or more interactive touch screen consoles with an associated kiosk printer. After watching for a brief period of time, say 30 to 60 seconds you will notice screens changing one at a time and in a random fashion thus providing gentle but significant movement which stimulates interest. The interactive screens allow the user to touch+find+print advertisements to view or print details.

Where can you find these kiosks located?

These Kiosks could be located anywhere there is high foot traffic and a need for advertising. Some ideal situations are shopping centers or shopping plazas, airport arrivals, convention centers and the like.

What inspired the building of this kiosk?

The need for low-cost, flexible advertising coupled with the recent advent of appropriate hardware and software developments including wireless communications.

What are some of the benefits that an advertiser receives?

Low-cost, flexible, attractive advertising. Can provide statistics of user interaction and printed dockets can stimulate further feedback through offers and incentives.

Do you have any intentions of franchising or offering your kiosks for sale as a business opportunity to people?

We here at infolocal are open to all interested parties and would be happy to work with any suitable partner. This could be simply providing the units and associated software and materials or working in a partnership.

Where do you see your business going in the coming years? Any special plans that you can share?

Once this business is running there are many Internet opportunities that either support or spin off from this product.

What is it about this kiosk that make sit so unique?

The infolocal Kiosk is unique in that it provides a large enough array of screens coupled with sophisticated software that provides varying degrees of sharing of screen space that advertisers can effectively utilize this Kiosk at a very affordable rate. The large array of screens is done in such a way as to use very little power making it affordable to run and relatively easy to install. For example with 64 screens, mixture of 15” and 19” we run the whole Kiosk on less than 10 AMPS.

When you look back, is there anything you wish you’d done differently? What have you learned from that experience?

We assumed finding suitable locations would have been our biggest challenge so we embarked on demonstrating its worth only to find this was not of any concern. Had we known this earlier we would have more aggressively sort a partner to manage the advertising.

How long did it take to build up your business and the kiosk to what it is today?

Around 2 years from the big ideas, though researching the hardware and software possibilities. The design and construction was relatively easy and further Kiosks are likely to be redesigned and streamlined as we gain more experience.

What do you recommend someone interested in starting a business should do first before taking their idea and launching it?

Get enough partners to cover all bases.

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