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PR Web:

Mobile Moms announces the birth of their new service – The Mobile Moms Baby Planners. Mobile Moms is offering services as a concierge and consulting team aiming to help the busy expectant parents through the maze of products and services on the market.

“Busy, professional women have little personal time to devote to planning big activities like weddings, decorating their first home and planning for baby,” comments Eva Centeno, owner of Mobile Moms. “These women need to use wedding planners and interior designers and now they have the option of using a Mobile Moms Baby Planner. We think this service will be ideal for those women who don’t have their own mother near by to help or a loving sister to guide them. By simply calling 1-877-7ASKMOM they can get all the assistance they need.”

In today’s hectic and stress-filled world, expectant mothers will appreciate a knowledgeable helping hand. “We can offer our clients a soup to nuts plan which would include decorating the nursery, buying all of the necessary equipment out on the market, to filling the drawers with a beautiful layette! Whatever our client needs, we can help,” Eva exclaims.

Eva Centeno emphasizes that the service isn’t just for the expectant mom. She hopes to also help families that are adopting or using a surrogate. “We can take the stress out of figuring it all out when baby comes home. We can meet in our client’s office or ours, whatever is easier. That’s what it is all about, making the entire planning process easier and more enjoyable,” Eva explains.

As a child educator/consultant, and a grandparent and parent herself, Eva Centeno has been in the baby business for over 20 years. Her team has the experience and knowledge to help busy and stressed out moms-to-be. “We’ve really tried to the think of everything. We are even offering a service where clients can sign on for the first year of developmental toys that we will send out every three months as the baby progresses developmentally. We’ll also go with the mom-to-be to register for the baby and we will show her the best products on the market and give her the inside scoop on what she really needs.”

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Originally posted by Angela Shupe on September 11, 2008 in Ideas.


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