It’s amazing what a little spritz of perfume can do for a woman’s self-esteem. If you feel good, then you’re going to feel more confident about yourself and your appearance.

The one goal d’essense has for their Independent consultants and the customers that buy their product, it would be this: They want the women using their product to feel good when they use it. When D’Essense was founded, the goal was to make fine perfume affordable for everyone. They also managed to create a business opportunity for women passionate about working for themselves and the product.

There are 2 options for someone interested in selling these perfumes: Wholesale Distributor and Independent Consultant.

Wholesale Distributor

Those interested in becoming a wholesale distributor are simply looking to sell the product without creating a full business. This option also has a limited pay range. Although they will make 45% on sales (compared to the 30% a consultant will make), wholesale distributors aren’t able to make any money from a downline nor can they receive many of the sales incentives that an independent consultant would receive.

Independent Consultant

Anyone interested in joining as an independent consultant needs to purchase one of the starter kits. They have two options in that are, one being the rolling consultant bag filled with a variety of products and other helpful materials for $399 to the fast start kit which has a tote bag filled with all the things you could need to get a quick start in business for $169.

The real reason why people enjoy these opportunities, though, is the benefits received from making sales. Independent consultants recieve a 30% base profit on sales, with up to 20% Rebate opportunity on all sales you make. You also get to keep your base profits up front when you do sell something!

When you sponsor someone, you receive a Sponsor’s Override, commission, from the sales they make. The earnings here range from 3% to 10%. If you’re good at bringing in people to work under you in business, this will definitely benefit you.

That isn’t all that they give their independent consultants, other benefits can be found on their website.

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