Loan Broker Cuts Ties With Cuppy’s Coffee

Blue MauMau:

In an interview on August 28, Jerry Jones, co-owner and managing partner of Funding Solutions, said their situation with Cuppy’s Coffee and More had changed since recently reading the articles and posted comments from distressed franchisees and other interested parties on Blue MauMau. The saga of Cuppy’s has been unfolding on this site for over a year, following its chaotic path of mismanagement, new ownership and failure in helping desperate franchisees get stores built and opened for business.

Jones had explained Funding Solutions’ situation saying, “Until recently, stores were being opened on a regular basis. Last month we heard about problems with construction contracts not being fulfilled. At that time we called two of our clients, and researched the postings on Blue Mau Mau.” He said after awhile they had no reason not to believe that some of the comments were well-founded. “As with the franchisees and banks, we have not been able to get any responses from Cuppy’s either, and when that happens it becomes impossible to try and resolve any problems,” he said.

Yesterday, Funding Solutions reaffirmed their position and said they had now sent out a letter of resignation to Dale Nabors, Cuppy’s new owner and CEO of almost five months. Shortly after, they sent another letter to their franchisee clients informing them of its action against the franchisor and offering recommendations. Funding Solutions provided Blue MauMau copies of the letters.

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