Working In The Home And Decorating It Too

You want a home-based business, why not one that will decorate your home too? Whether your friends ask you to help them spice up their home, or it just happens to be something you enjoy, following your passion when you start a business is very important.

AtHome America is a growing direct sales business which offers a variety of products and items to help dress up any home. If you want to buy one of their products, you’ll have to go through one of their HomeStyle Specialists, like Rebecca Bell. She’s been a specialist with this company for 3 years now, and she is just one of many success stories which helps prove that you get back what you put into your business.

What is AtHome America and what are the products that this business sells?

AtHome America is a direct sales company specializing in home décor products. These beautiful, useful and affordable products make great accents for your home and fantastic gifts. We have almost 600 products, of which more than half are priced at $25 or less. AtHome America is celebrating its 25th anniversary this Fall, so they have a great deal of experience but they also have their eye on today’s decorating trends.

How long have you been a HomeStyle Specialist? What made you choose this business opportunity over the many others available?

I have been a HomeStyle Specialist for 3 years. I was attracted first to the products, which reflected my decorating style and were priced attractively. Then I was drawn to the company’s mission statement, which reflects a commitment to “God first, then family, followed by AtHome America”. I liked that they knew where my priorities lay and I wasn’t going to be asked to put my business ahead of my faith and family. That has proved to be very true over the past 3 years.

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