Home Business Advertising Pays Big At The End Of The Year

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According to the Home Business Experts at Cutting Edge Media, there’s a secret that most direct sellers don’t know: November and December are the best months to advertise your home business opportunity.

“Time with family and extra income are the main reasons people start a home business,” says Josh Binkley, a Print Media Consultant at Cutting Edge Media, “and people are really focused on those things over the holidays–so they’re already in the home-business mindset. That makes November and December the best months to advertise.”

In addition to hitting your target market at exactly the right time, Binkley explains that other advertisers often take a break during the holidays and some opportunity magazines don’t offer Nov.-Dec. issues. That means your opportunity has a better chance of getting noticed by hundreds of excited home-business prospects, especially when it’s in a CEM publication.

“Because your leads start coming in November and December, you can start marketing to them before the New Year,” says Binkley. “That’s significant because a lot of people make the commitment to start a business with a New Year’s Resolution. So basically you’ve got the jump on everyone else if you get your leads in December.”

With the holiday season fast approaching, Binkley and his associates at Cutting Edge Media are busy filling advertising slots in three of their direct mail home-business magazines: the November and December issues of Home Business Connection and the December/January issues of True Wealth and Your Home Biz.

Screenshot from Cutting Edge Media.

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