Money-Making Moms

Chicago News:

More women are using what they know to earn big bucks while remaining ‘stay-at-home’ moms.

Even as the economy faces a downturn, new research shows women are making strides as business owners at record rates and on their own terms.

Maria Gandara always expected to spend her days surrounded by children. The mother of five is a former special education teacher, but she never expected to own a “school” in her Humboldt Park home.

“We decided to open our home daycare after I had a child with special needs,” she said.

The family still needed money. She cleaned offices for a while at night. Then, she decided to use what she knew. Now, with the help of her mother and sometimes her husband, she enrolls up to 16 kids.

Gandara says she doesn’t miss her days in the classroom.

“My salary is more than doubled, but also I’m able to spend some very precious time with my boys. My daughters are able to go to a wonderful Catholic school, and I’m able to be here and have that flexibility that I never thought I could have,” she said.

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