Duraclean International

Having started with rug cleaning when they launched in 1930, Duraclean International has since expanded on that option to include services like upholstery cleaning, water restoration and mold remediation.

Although they offer all of those services, individual franchisees are allowed to choose what they would and would not like to offer at their location. This freedom of choice allows each franchisee to make the decision on whether offering a specific service will be profitable to them or not. If they later decide that adding one or more services to their offerings would benefit them, they can do so with no additional franchise fees.

The support offered by Duraclean when they sign on a new franchisee is said to be like no other training service offered by their competitors. The initial package includes 10 days of classroom training along with hands on marketing, management and technical skills training which will be necessary to run a successful Duraclean franchise.

The initial training is only the beginning. On the last day of training the new franchisee will be assigned to a start-up counselor. They will aid you by providing all of the crucial information you need for launching your business.

Once your franchise has been launched, support does not end there. Answers to any questions are only a short phone call, fax or email away.

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