Although they had been in pre-launch for some time, LifeMax has officially launched their product and business has begun for their distributors. With the recent launch, they have also decided to make some changes to their system.

The first, and most notable, change would be the look of the website. LifeMax has cleaned it up, the distributor websites are now much more pleasing to the eye and organized for easy navigation.

Anyone who’d previously considered the business opportunity with LifeMax will also notice a change in pricing for each level; Silver is $270, Gold is $1080, and platinum is $3600. Any individual that joins one of those levels and orders the product (either under The Signature Grain name or decides to wait until Mila is released) will receive one extra container for every 3 purchased. However, it must be done by November 1st, 2008.

Some of the other noticeable changes include:

  • New packaging and logo
  • A change in name from The Signature Grain to Mila
  • Each container will now contain 16 oz. of product
  • The prices per bag have been lowered for everyone, from distributor to retail customer

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Originally posted by Angela Shupe on October 17, 2008 in MLM Site.


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