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IndUS Business Journal:

The influx of new franchise concepts in all segments of the industry over the past several years has left many franchisors dizzy from trying to keep up with the competition. The franchise education sector has likewise seen its share of new concepts, but the growing demand suggests that there is plenty of room for all and franchisors are worrying less than their counterparts about the competition and focusing on expansion.

Education franchise stalwart Kumon North America, consistently ranked as a top brand in the tutoring category, continues to roll on in North America with more than 1,800 centers and 250,000 students enrolled. Worldwide, there are 4 million students studying at more than 26,000 Kumon Centers in 45 countries.

In the first half of this year, Kumon North America increased its new center openings 37 percent compared to the same period last year with openings in Seattle, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia, according to the company. Kumon expects to open an additional 68 Kumon centers this year. In the past five years, the average Kumon center enrollment increased 55 percent, and overall, the company has 80,000 more U.S. students than in 2002, the company said. Read full article.

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