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The recession is taking it’s toll on the American economy with bankruptcies up 28%, home foreclosures up 60%, consumer confidence down 40%, and the highest unemployment rate in 2 years… yet Blue Coast is experiencing a 160% increase in business during these times! Why? Because their job is saving businesses money!

Companies always need to work to keep their bottom line in the black and that is true now more than ever. Their suite of financial services allows businesses to recover monies they have overpaid and save money going forward, each and every year. You may already be a business management consultant, accountant, financial planner, insurance provider, or mortgage broker. You may already own your own business. You may be in corporate America with a dream to be your own boss one day. If accepted, adding the title of “Blue Coast Advisor” can deliver the kind of business opportunity, financial rewards, and independence you’ve been seeking. Read more.

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