Super Suppers Comes To Rescue Of Working Moms

Michelle Nix was working in a ministry at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church when she learned how hard it is for working moms to find the time to prepare and cook a good meal, at home. And then after the meal, there also is the cleanup.

That experience, combined with her familiarity with a Super Suppers location in Birmingham, led her to buy a franchise for the Montgomery area. Almost a year after opening a Super Suppers store in the PepperTree Shopping Center in east Montgomery, Nix said the business is steadily growing and definitely meets a need for families on the go.

“According to one mom, her son said ‘Now we are eating restaurant food at home,'” Nix said.

The food the boy referred to are meals that are ready to cook. All the ingredients are prepared for the cook to slip the dish into the oven, watch the timer, and set the table. Super Suppers knocks out a lot of work for mothers, Nix maintains.

“We do the shopping, chopping and mopping,” Nix said, adding that the suppers are sold in throwaway containers that make the after-dinner cleaning easier.

Nix, a former court reporter and stay-at-home mother herself, said the supper service also is an affordable alternative to fast food.

“Fast food is not good for you, and it’s too expensive for some to go out,” Nix said.

Each Super Suppers meal’s nutritional information is listed on its container, she said.

Photo by avlxyz

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