Los Angeles Times:

Question: My mom and I are setting up a small business providing patterns, samples and manufacturing services for the garment industry. What is the best way for us to find customers on a low budget?

Answer: You should join Fashion Business Inc. (Fashionbizinc.org), a nonprofit organization that provides resources for Los Angeles apparel firms. “This would be a perfect group for you because you’ll get services and support, and you can also do networking,” said Paul Ratoff, a consultant with the Strategy Development Group in Placentia.

The annual membership fee of $250 will give you training opportunities and a chance to meet local fashion designers who will be looking to outsource their sample- and pattern-making jobs, Ratoff said. Once you get established, you might conduct a seminar on manufacturing, which would give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise for potential clients.

Photo by Peter Duhon

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on December 26, 2008 in Ideas.


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