The best new fashion & beauty ideas spotted in the last 12 months—smart concepts that will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2009.

1. Yakkay — Stylish helmets for urban cyclists
2. Transitional Sizes — Clothing rental for size-changing dieters
3. Catwalk Genius — Adopt-a-designer program for crowdfunded fashion
4. Sneakart — Customizing sneakers with removable stickers
5. Stitsh — Click to buy: fashion blog is a street version of shopping mags
6. Keds & Zazzle — Design your own Keds & sell them on Zazzle
7. Tomboy Trades — Steel-toes and tool belts for women
8. colorOn and Eye Majic — Press-on eye shadow kits
9. Diesel & Roskilde — Limited-edition festival jeans
10. Dondup — Bringing a dye back from the dead: luxury jeans tinted a long dormant blue

Photo by ba1969.

Originally posted by Rich Whittle on January 1, 2009 in Ideas.


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