Cosmetics Entrepreneur Kriss Soterion Is A Successful Inspiration

Not all women need to be parents to inspire women like us to start our own business. Kriss is an example of that. She found her talent and she ran with it. Her passion for cosmetics lead her to the success she’s had today.

Kriss Soterion is a Manchester-based former Miss New Hampshire with her own cosmetics line, eponymously titled “Kriss.” Her extensive line of beauty products comes from 10 different manufacturers and reaches a global market through her cyber store.

She is also “chief of makeup” for CNN special events, handling the cable television network’s makeup needs for the New Hampshire primary and the 2008 Republican and Democratic conventions. She has made up every major presidential candidate in the past four elections, as well as news anchors, celebrities and former presidents. Her 2007 makeover of Hillary Clinton gained her national fame, exploding sales of her cosmetics and creating a three-month waiting list in her salon.

With a national book deal in the works and global expansion through her online store, Soterion is a fresh face emerging in the personal care industry.

How did you get involved in the makeup business?

One day in particular I was helping a girl put on her makeup, and I realized when I sat back that I had done a beautiful job and that I have a talent for makeup. She loved it. It was fulfilling to have a service to be able to help somebody with that gift. I got a “divine two-by-four,” I call it, that day. I got goose bumps from head to toe and I realized, I’m going to be a makeup artist. It was kind of comical because the first phone call I made was to my mom, who’s a college professor and who was really hoping for me to take my degree and end up in some corporate position somewhere impressive. I called her and I said, “Mom, I realized what I’m going to do for my living. I’m going to be a makeup artist.” She just gasped, and she said, “You’re going to be a beautician?” And that was the greatest gift my mom could have ever given me because it gave me the fire to say, “I’ll show her.”

So I took my marketing degree and this newfound passion for the art of makeup, and I poured my heart and soul into it.

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