Keeping An Inventor’s Notebook


You’ll be amazed at the number of people you’ll speak to as you go through the inventing process.

Be sure to keep a brief record of all conversations you think are relevant. For example, when you speak with an engineer, graphic artist, prototype developer or patent attorney, write down the date and time of your call. Then, in two or three sentences, summarize your conversation. Not only will this provide a record of details you can easily refer back to (relying on memory can be risky!), you’ll also have written documentation to help protect your interests.

Record meetings, new developments and personal stories (if you wish). In addition to having a legal record, remember that this notebook is a measure of your progress.

Enjoy it. But also, don’t feel intimidated by it. In other words, don’t feel that you have to write an essay or long detailed accounts. If you forget to make an entry, that’s OK.

Share stories and write enough to make sense to any sensible person. You may also wish to jot down personal stories to track your progress and provide future reminders about the process.

Photo by everdred.

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