Niche Biz: The Worm Inn

Robyn Crispe’s company, Nomad Needles, makes the Worm Inn, a composting system for people who live in urban areas.

Crispe was concerned about her own volume of food waste, which she couldn’t compost outdoors at her condo.

After searching online for indoor composting ideas, she came across vermicomposting, also known as worm composting.

The Worm Inn is designed to be suspended by a shelving unit or other sturdy cross-bar, or on a laundry hamper stand, as shown.

It’s important that the system be kept in a cool dark place as this is the best environment for the worms.

After designating a place for the Worm Inn, such as a basement, utility closet or storage area, the bag is ready to be filled.

Crispe claims that with proper waste deposit, there is no odor with her system. Food waste is a huge landfill contributor and doesn’t need to be.

Photo by Nomad Needles.

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